Children, Mother Die in Warwick, Mass. House Fire Children, Mother Die in Warwick, Mass. House Fire
- March 07, 2017

A grief-stricken grandmother who lost a daughter-in-law and four grandkids in a fast-moving, three-alarm fire that reduced the family's secluded Warwick home to a smoldering pile of rubble is struggling to come to grips with the unimaginably tragic loss as the small, tight-knit western MA community rallies around the two survivors. (more...)
India rejects China's land exchange deal on Tawang India rejects China's land exchange deal on Tawang
- March 06, 2017

Reacting to Beijing's statement, New Delhi said that the Tibetan spiritual leader will be making a religious trip to Arunachal Pradesh in April, and India being free, it won't be stopping him from travelling to any part of the country. He said that this agreement pinpointed that the two countries should make "meaningful and mutually acceptable adjustments to their respective positions on the boundary question in order to reach a package settlement". (more...)
Fillon gives defiant speech but can he save his presidential bid?
- March 06, 2017

With pressure building on Fillon, Penelope said she had urged her husband to keep going. Thousands of supporters of French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon attending a rally to support the politician in Paris on March 5, 2017. That support came despite defections by conservative allies in recent days that threatened to plunge France's unpredictable presidential campaign into unprecedented disarray just seven weeks before its first-round election. (more...)
Erdogan makes Nazi jibe over Germany ban Erdogan makes Nazi jibe over Germany ban
- March 06, 2017

Just like in the U.S., it now appears that in Europe too when one needs to make a really "bold" political statement, the logical recourse is to just call one's adversary fascist, or simply "Nazi". " We don't want to see their fascist actions ". Gabriel insisted Germany would stand up for the rule of law, freedom of opinion, human rights and democracy. (more...)
Syria accuses main opposition of taking peace talks 'hostage' Syria accuses main opposition of taking peace talks 'hostage'
- March 05, 2017

Jihad Makdissi, head of the dissident "Cairo group" at the talks, said he met de Mistura on Friday. He wanted to discuss a new constitution, elections and reformed governance - and particularly the future of president Bashar Al Assad - while Bashar Al Ja'afai, the negotiator for the Syrian government, wanted "counter-terrorism" to be included on the agenda. (more...)
Sweden institutes military draft for both men and women
- March 05, 2017

She cited three main factors the prompted her government to re-institute conscription, which she described generally as a reaction to "the security change in our neighborhood". That followed an increase in Russian military activity in the region, including several airspace violations and war planes allegedly flying without their identifying transponders. (more...)
'Stand Against Hate' Rally Held At Independence Mall 'Stand Against Hate' Rally Held At Independence Mall
- March 05, 2017

Members of the Muslim community in Rochester seemingly raced to the cemetery to right toppled Jewish headstones. In response to the recent desecration at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Philadelphia of more than 500 headstones, the National Museum of American Jewish History is embarking on a collecting project to preserve the stories of the people who are buried there. (more...)
France's Le Pen loses European Union immunity over IS tweets France's Le Pen loses European Union immunity over IS tweets
- March 05, 2017

The race for the French presidency is stepping up a gear this weekend with current polling suggesting the two movements that have dominated French politics since the 1950s are unlikely to get a candidate into the decisive second round of voting . (more...)
Pres. Trump's supporters & critics rally in MI Pres. Trump's supporters & critics rally in MI
- March 05, 2017

Christy Trammell of Franklin, Tenn., says she's attending the Nashville demonstration - her first political rally - as a direct response to January's women's marches. There were a lot of red hats, a lot of Trump shirts (even on a dogs), and a smattering of signs (many rife with misspellings). Brandon Blanchard, 24, among a small group of anti-Trump protesters, said he had come in support of immigrants, Muslims and transgender people, groups that have been negatively targeted by Trump's ... (more...)
'There Will Be More Killings': Duterte Committed to Merciless War on Drugs 'There Will Be More Killings': Duterte Committed to Merciless War on Drugs
- March 04, 2017

In its 117-page report, titled "License to Kill " released on Thursday, the New York-based Human Rights Watch provided some specific details on how the government operationalized its campaign which apparently linked to the thousands of drug-related killings perpetrated by the law enforcement personnel. (more...)
Cuomo headed to Israel for 2nd business, goodwill trip
- March 03, 2017

Vandals toppled headstones at a Jewish cemetery this week, but cemetery managers say they don't now want to attribute the destruction to a growing wave of anti-Semitism witnessed around the country. Cuomo said he would like to every governor in the nation sign similar executive orders against BDS. "I'm confident that we will find the people behind this illegality and ugliness", Cuomo said. (more...)
Partisanship rift continues in House panel probing Russian Federation
- March 03, 2017

Hilary Clinton had previously implied the Russians were trying to elect Donald Trump to the Oval Office. Trump said on Monday that he hasn't "called Russian Federation in 10 years". He has also stated that the media is responsible for "fake news ". Peskov said the Kremlin is not surprised that Trump did not specifically mention relations with Russian Federation in his February 28 speech to the U.S. (more...)
US Vice President Says Trump Will Defend Original Travel Ban US Vice President Says Trump Will Defend Original Travel Ban
- March 03, 2017

On Mar. 2, Notre Dame announced that Pence would receive an honorary degree and deliver the university's commencement address on May 21. "At the same time, I do not want the surrounding controversy to distract from the central objective of commencement-a joyful celebration of our graduates and their families". (more...)
United States warplanes blast al-Qaeda in Yemen
- March 03, 2017

Officials did not connect the attack early Thursday with the fateful special operations raid in January that killed Chief Special Warfare Operator William Ryan Owens and many civilians - the aftermath of which has become a political football in Washington , D.C. (more...)
McDonald's is going to add online orders and delivery
- March 03, 2017

Last year, guest counts at the company's U.S. restaurants declined by 2.1%, although the chain managed to grow comparable sales by 1.7% by increasing the average dollar size of people's orders. As part of the push for greater convenience in the United States, which contributes more operating income than any other global market, McDonald's will also offer curbside pickup of orders to reduce wait time at drive-thrus. (more...)
Vatican Commission will continue to promote child protection worldwide Vatican Commission will continue to promote child protection worldwide
- March 03, 2017

She said in a statement that the commission's work has been hampered by " constant setbacks " that were "directly due to the resistance by some members of the Vatican Curia to the work of the commission". He said he and the entire commission "will greatly miss her". Survivors' groups and other critics have been skeptical from the outset of the commission's ability to effect change because it is an advisory panel with no authority to make rules. (more...)
Brexit setback in House Of Lords
- March 02, 2017

Losing a vote during the committee stage in the House of Lords means the Brexit bill will have to enter a so-called ping pong between the Houses of Commons and Lords, delaying its passage into law by at least one week. A total of 358 voted for a Labour amendment to the bill to trigger Article 50, with 256 voting against. The Liberal Democrats in the Lords are also backing the amendment. (more...)
Subway denies report on adulterated roasted chicken in sandwiches
- March 02, 2017

According to research conducted by CBC's Marketplace , numerous Subway brand's chicken in its sandwiches contain less than 50% chicken DNA. The results showed that the oven-roasted chicken patties average 53.6 percent chicken DNA, while the sweet onion chicken terriyaki strips were even less-coming in at 42.8 percent. (more...)
Homeland Security Will Issue Call for US-Mexico Border Wall Prototypes
- March 02, 2017

Washington D.C. [USA], March 1 (ANI): President Donald Trump in his address to Congress made repeated reference to the "great wall" that he had promised to build on the southern border of the US. Mexican leadership has repeatedly denied it will cover the barrier's cost, straining ties between the usually cordial neighbors. "We want all Americans to succeed, but that can't happen in an environment of lawless chaos", Trump said. (more...)
Explosion, Gunfire In Afghan Capital; Taliban Claims Responsibility
- March 02, 2017

Last month, a suicide bomber killed at least 20 people outside the Supreme Court in Kabul . After the auto bomber hit the police station another attacker entered the building and took a position inside which he is still holding, a ministry official said. (more...)