Malcolm Butler has reportedly 'warmed up' to idea of playing for Saints
- March 25, 2017

With a couple of free agency signings and the re-signings of a few of their own players, the Saints aren't sitting quietly by and letting other teams advance. In the most recent edition, Cooks drew a lot of attention during his one-on-one battles with Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler. "I love the organization and the people". (more...)
Senate Scuttles FCC Privacy Restrictions on Internet Providers' Use of Subscriber Data
- March 25, 2017

U.S. senators voted 50 to 48 along party lines to approve a joint resolution from Senator Jeff Flake that overturn the FCC's privacy rules . The senate voted 50-to-48 along party lines. The FCC rules were put in place in 2016 to prevent consumers' private and sensitive information automatically getting into the hands of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AT&T , Comcast and Verizon . (more...)
Alleged leak suggests Destiny 2 will be released in September Alleged leak suggests Destiny 2 will be released in September
- March 24, 2017

Based on Activision's earnings call for Q4, we know that a Destiny sequel is due this year - and if this poster is legit, now we know when. Earlier today , an Italian retailer , leaked a promotional poster for the upcoming title - Destiny 2. (more...)
NECC trial: Judge says Cadden verdict may be near NECC trial: Judge says Cadden verdict may be near
- March 24, 2017

Cadden, 50, of Wrentham, will be sentenced on June 21. Investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) traced the outbreak back to the New England Compounding Center (NECC) in Framingham, MA in the fall of 2012. The pharmacist faces a maximum of 20 years in prison on each of the racketeering counts and mail fraud. But analysts said prosecutors, while disappointed the jury refused to convict Cadden on the charges related to the deaths, probably left the courthouse ... (more...)
Google's Android O could finally solve all your smartphone battery problems
- March 24, 2017

Or try it out on a spare device, the one which you can live without if something goes wrong. On the Nexus 6P, the update brings support for fingerprint gestures. The new operating system is also adding Wi-Fi Aware, to allow hardware with the software to connect to other devices without the need for connectivity between them through a Wi-Fi access point. (more...)
NY stabber 'wanted to kill African-Americans'
- March 23, 2017

James Jackson, 28, of Baltimore, is facing murder charges for allegedly stabbing a man because of his race Monday night, according to the NYPD. The Maryland resident had been harboring feelings of hate toward black people for "over 10 years", police said . (more...)
John Oliver rips 'consistently monstrous' Trump's budget on 'Last Week Tonight' John Oliver rips 'consistently monstrous' Trump's budget on 'Last Week Tonight'
- March 21, 2017

Last night, our favorite English enlightener John Oliver kicked off Last Week Tonight with the obvious: President Trump (still as unsettling a pair of words as "horse pope" or "Dr. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. "Hope you find a gig with the next country that rises from our ashes!" And while he knows bad cuts when he sees them, John Oliver is amazed by how Trump's staff even came up with a ... (more...)
Uber President Leaves Company Following Controversies
- March 21, 2017

Jones, according to sources, said that Uber's mounting roster of troubling controversies wasn't what he signed up for, especially after the fact that Kalanick chose to survey for a new chief operating officer for aid. In a lengthy blog post , the woman accused the company of systemic sexism that included being propositioned for sex. The ride-sharing company was also sued by Google last February for allegedly stealing its self-driving auto secrets. (more...)
Electronics banned on some flights to US
- March 21, 2017

The source said the rule would cover a dozen foreign airlines flying from about a dozen countries, including some from the Middle East, and would include airlines based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The tweet said the ban applied to laptops, tablets, cameras, DVD players and electronic games-all of which would need to be placed in checked baggage. (more...)
The Forbes billionaires list features a number of wealthy locals The Forbes billionaires list features a number of wealthy locals
- March 21, 2017

His fortune rose to $86bn, from $75bn a year ago. The publication has published its famous list every year for 31 years ; 2017 was the first Forbes' reported more than 2,000 billionaire fortunes worldwide. Other billionaires on the list include Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu ($54.5 billion), Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison ($52.2 billion), brothers Charles and David Koch ($48.3 billion each) and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ($47.5 billion). (more...)
Trump optimistic on new health law Trump optimistic on new health law
- March 20, 2017

The bill, which the Congressional Budget Office estimated would result in 24 million fewer people to have health care coverage by 2026, has proven unpopular so far in most polls. She also voiced concerns on how the bill would hurt older Americans, and shift Medicaid costs to states. "I can not vote for any bill that keeps premiums rising", Cruz said. (more...)
Labor for April, the giraffe, continues into Tuesday Labor for April, the giraffe, continues into Tuesday
- March 19, 2017

All eyes are on a 15-year-old giraffe. When the calf arrives, the zoo says the front hooves will emerge first followed by the snout. The babies are about six feet tall at birth. The zoo says Oliver won't spend much time with the calf. The Animal Adventure Park's primary method for updating the public and communication with the public is Facebook. (more...)
Google Touts Smaller JPEGs With Open Source Guetzli Encoder Google Touts Smaller JPEGs With Open Source Guetzli Encoder
- March 18, 2017

The new open source algorithm is called Guetzli , which is Swiss German for " cookie ". The underlying compression algorithms behind popular implementations of JPEG have always been lossy; once a web version has been generated from a high-quality original master, the lost pixel information can not be recovered (except, arguably by AI - another field of interest for Google's image researchers). (more...)
Australian states unveil plans for 200MW of energy storage projects
- March 17, 2017

The company revealed that its New South Wales operations faced a 20% to 25% increase in gas prices and 50% in electricity costs within the next 12 months and said uncertainty in supply and expected increases impacted global competitiveness and curtailed Australian expansion. (more...)
Alexa Comes to the Amazon iOS App
- March 17, 2017

Simply press it to activate Alexa. Tapping the microphone within the Amazon app will summon Alexa, then you can start asking questions just as you would through devices such as the popular Amazon Echo. She can also define words, complete conversions, make calculations, and provide updates on the news, weather, and traffic. Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo and Echo Dot. (more...)
Two Russian spies charged 2014 hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts
- March 16, 2017

She said: "Two FSB officers, protected, directed, facilitated and paid criminal hackers to collect information through computer intrusions in the U.S. The DoJ said that the defendants targeted Yahoo accounts of Russian and United States officials, including cybersecurity, diplomatic and military personnel. (more...)
EU's Court of Justice backs headscarf ban at workplaces EU's Court of Justice backs headscarf ban at workplaces
- March 16, 2017

The case had been brought to the ECJ by two women from Belgium and France who had been dismissed from their jobs for refusing to stop wearing their headscarves to work. In Belgium, Samira Achbita was sacked when, after three years of employment, she began wearing a hijab to work at the security firm G4S, reports the BBC . (more...)
Bathroom bill tentatively passes Senate floor Bathroom bill tentatively passes Senate floor
- March 16, 2017

The Senate passed Senate Bill 6 today by a vote of 21-10, the same total as a vote taken Tuesday, The Dallas Morning News reports. On CNN, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said changes might give states more "flexibility" to oversee Medicaid. (more...)
Barca hero Roberto 'threw himself' at historic victor Barca hero Roberto 'threw himself' at historic victor
- March 12, 2017

Due to the raucous environment of fans jumping up and down in excitement at Camp Nou (Barcelona's home venue), a seismic station 500 meters from the stadium picked up ground motion throughout the game. But he then stroked home a spot-kick two minutes later to leave the game on a knife-edge. That said, Verratti's is on a long, long, long-term contract and there's something to be said for actual loyalty in these modern times. (more...)
Nougat for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge is here
- March 12, 2017

For their part, Samsung Australia has directed Australian customers wanting the Nougat update for the S6 to their carrier. Samsung device owners are advised to free up the device's internal storage (about 1.5GB) and also make sure to back-up their phones, to avoid any loss of data. (more...)