First Protected Dreamer Deported to Mexico Under President Trump
- April 20, 2017

Established in 2012, DACA covers some 750,000 young people brought to the children. He then worked two years picking crops in California and Arizona. A US border protection officer approached Juan Manuel Montes , 23, at a restaurant in Calexico, California, on February 17. DHS says he acknowledged entering illegally. (more...)
Trump extends VA's Choice program beyond August Trump extends VA's Choice program beyond August
- April 20, 2017

Including Florida governor Rick Scott , A navy veteran who sued the VA in 2014 over the state's inability to inspect the VA healthcare facility. This legislation ensures we keep that promise as we continue the hard work of fully reforming the VA and enhancing health care for all veterans. (more...)
McDonald's pit stop led police to Facebook killer
- April 19, 2017

Tuesday when he saw the chase between Stephens' infamous Ford Fusion and several state police cruisers. Stephens was suspected of shooting an elderly man in Cleveland, Ohio, videotaping the killing and then posting the video on Facebook . (more...)
Trump admin. declines to brand China a currency manipulator Trump admin. declines to brand China a currency manipulator
- April 18, 2017

This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. President Trump addresses the nation following the USA launching a military strike on a Syrian government target on April 6, 2017 in retaliation for their chemical weapons attack on civilians earlier in the week. (more...)
Analysts agree Gorsuch will have great impact on court Analysts agree Gorsuch will have great impact on court
- April 18, 2017

The grant was turned down by the state of Missouri which said the grant would violate the separation of church and state. "Justice Scalia was a patriot who revered our Constitution". But what happened on Monday-and over the 14 months preceding it-was truly unprecedented. Maybe they should start cooperating with President Trump for the good of America rather than yielding to the "alt-left" extremists who have forced them to look like such irrational and hysterical children incapable of ... (more...)
What It Means, and Why It Matters — Georgia's Special Election
- April 18, 2017

Democrats have united behind 30-year-old former congressional staffer Jon Ossoff, who has been boosted by opposition to Trump and an $8 million fundraising haul. Estes ultimately won his race by just 7 points, a shockingly low lead in an area where Republicans outnumber Democrats 2-to-1. If you are like Moulton and have only seen a few ads for this race, odds are good that they have mentioned Democratic frontrunner and investigative filmmaker Jon Ossoff . (more...)
'Free' college in Europe isn't really free 'Free' college in Europe isn't really free
- April 18, 2017

But the report's authors, both of whom work at public universities, say it is based on a comprehensive analysis of federal data and state-specific simulations in 24 states. More than one-third of CUNY students are part-time. Education aid will also be increased by 1.1 billion dollars. When state schools are "free", more people will apply. (more...)
Arkansas Executions in Legal Limbo
- April 18, 2017

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the secrecy law helped Arkansas find its new supplies, but officials won't say how. McKesson , the pharmaceutical company, is seeking to drop its lawsuit and vacate the temporary restraining order against its drug after Baker's temporary injunction, but it plans to bring its lawsuit up again if the 8th Circuit dismissed the stay. (more...)
Trump claims immunity as President in lawsuit Trump claims immunity as President in lawsuit
- April 18, 2017

Three people who claim they were assaulted at the Trump rally filed a lawsuit previous year against Trump, his campaign, Heimbach and Bamberger. Bamberger's lawyers also argued that any damages awarded to the protesters in the case should be paid by Trump or his campaign. (more...)
Charleston Massacre Suspect Pleads Guilty To Avoid Death Penalty
- April 15, 2017

Joe Roof said it was a situation that he never thought possible. "I only found out they would be presenting a mental health defense a few days prior to writing this letter", Roof wrote in November. Roof scouted the Emanuel AME Church months before, calling and visiting, Richardson said. "With us securing a life sentence just in case - in the very, very unlikely event that something were to happen to the federal conviction - we have our conviction in place". (more...)
Trump says former Obama official may have committed a crime Trump says former Obama official may have committed a crime
- April 13, 2017

A Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee told Fox News that the intelligence reports in which some of President Donald Trump's associates were "unmasked" contained detailed information about the associates' everyday lives. White House spokesman Sean Spicer cast Rice's handling of intelligence in the waning days of Obama's term as suspicious, although he did not detail what he found to be inappropriate. (more...)
Border turns quiet under Trump amid steep drop in arrests
- April 13, 2017

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Texas Governor Greg Abbott tour the Texas-Mexico border. Gen. Jack Kelly, the secretary of homeland security, told Congress on Wednesday there's "no way" he can estimate how much President Trump's long-promised border wall will cost. (more...)
Wisconsin churches on alert amid hunt for gun theft suspect Wisconsin churches on alert amid hunt for gun theft suspect
- April 11, 2017

Jakubowski is considered armed and highly risky. "So there's a certain amount of people wanting to help out but they are not necessarily tips that we can use", Spoden said. You can watch it live on NBC15 and Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said Friday that the suspect, 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski, also sent an anti-government manifesto to the White House. (more...)
Neil Gorsuch sworn in as Supreme Court justice
- April 11, 2017

Gorsuch spoke in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. January 2017. Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, following a bitter and partisan battle over his nomination by President Trump. Gorsuch now becomes part of Trump's legacy as president. Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial oath in the White House Rose Garden. (more...)
A Trump national security adviser tapped as Singapore envoy
- April 11, 2017

McFarland defended her approach in a February interview, telling The New York Times , "Not only is this a new administration, but it is a different party, and Donald Trump was elected by people who wanted the status quo thrown out". She was the only woman in the widely distributed photograph of Trump and his aides receiving a briefing about the recent airstrike on Syria at his resort in Florida. (more...)
Kiwanis Easter egg hunt to be held at Starr Elementary Kiwanis Easter egg hunt to be held at Starr Elementary
- April 11, 2017

Linwood of Mayfield is hosting a 4,000 egg hunt on April 8 for children 12 and under. Easter is coming soon, and area organizations and churches will host special events to celebrate. "I love that Stanley takes care of the whole family and has made it such a special tradition for us". The town will host its inaugural Anadarko Hoppy Day from noon to 2 Randlett Park complete with the largest Easter egg hunt in Caddo County. (more...)
Ryan: 'I Want Us to Become a Unified Majority' Ryan: 'I Want Us to Become a Unified Majority'
- April 09, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan , R-Wisconsin, said members who were reluctant to support the American Health Care Act last week now " expressed a willingness to work on getting to yes" in Tuesday's meeting, which lasted roughly two hours. Vice President Mike Pence also took pains to praise Mr. Ryan over the weekend in a speech in West Virginia as the White House circled the wagons. They also should not exacerbate the problems by failing to promote sign-ups for 2018, scaring off insurers and ... (more...)
Flights at Hartsfield-Jackson grounded by approaching storms
- April 08, 2017

The convective activity and storm cells, mixed with tornadic conditions, continued to hit in and around the Atlanta Airport from the early morning hours and lasted through the evening, essentially halting much of the day's operation, prompting delays and cancellations. (more...)
Journey Members Reflect on Rock Hall Induction and Seeing Steve Perry Again
- April 08, 2017

Cain has said that the reclusive Perry, who sang with Journey from 1977-1998, is planning to attend the ceremony but isn't expected to perform with the band. Cain told them that "I think he's [Pineda] certainly one of the reasons why we're [in the Rock Hall]". ►Make it easy to keep up to date with more stories like this. (more...)
McConnell reaches out to Romney about possible Senate bid McConnell reaches out to Romney about possible Senate bid
- April 08, 2017

Obviously I am an Orrin Hatch supporter. Orrin Hatch has to decide what he wants to do. McConnell says he would support Hatch if he wants to run again. He even added, 'Mitt Romney would be ideal'. Hatch released a statement to FOX 13 saying in part: "while I have taken steps to run, I have yet to make a final decision". (more...)