White Sox Sign Tim Anderson To Long-Term Deal White Sox Sign Tim Anderson To Long-Term Deal
- March 22, 2017

The potential parameters of the deal aren't known at this point. The deal comes on the heels of an encouraging debut last season. Signing Anderson to a long-term deal would signal that the White Sox want to make Anderson, their top pick in the 2013 draft, the face of the franchise during this rebuild. (more...)
Paris Orly Airport Attack: Alleged Assailant's Last Hours Described
- March 21, 2017

He said he wanted to "die for Allah" , and a scuffle between him and two other soldiers ensued, which resulted in him being fatally shot. French security forces shot and killed a man who attempted to grab a soldier's gun at a Paris airport on Saturday. (more...)
Robert Downey Jr. to star in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle Robert Downey Jr. to star in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
- March 21, 2017

Universal won the rights for the film after interest from numerous studios, including 20th Century Fox (which made the original Rex Harrison film) and Sony, per Deadline . Dolittle , and though it almost shares a title with one particular 1922 Lofting book, exact plot details are still under wraps. RDJ has focused primarily on his role as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes in recent years. (more...)
How to stream Drake's More Life How to stream Drake's More Life
- March 21, 2017

Drake talked about distancing himself from Kanye West last month, so Yeezy's appearance on More Life came as a surprise. The release of Drake's new mixtape, More Life , meant to keep fans happy between major releases, is now live across various streaming platforms. (more...)
Adele stops Melbourne concert to help couple get engaged Adele stops Melbourne concert to help couple get engaged
- March 21, 2017

One fan tweeted: "Adele telling security to stop telling people to sit down". Apparently everyone and their mother is getting engaged at Adele concerts, making us think that the Grammy victor should just get herself ordained as a wedding officiant and cut out the middleman. (more...)
Beauty and the Beast Sets March Box Office Record Beauty and the Beast Sets March Box Office Record
- March 21, 2017

The film's PG rating, mid-March release, casting, and mix of both new and classic songs helped lead to the film's big opening, Degarabedian said. The film, which broke box office records in the United Kingdom after taking in £18.4 million over its opening weekend, has been showing in the predominantly Muslim country of Kuwait since Thursday. (more...)
'Sesame Street' introduces Julia, a Muppet with autism, to regular cast
- March 21, 2017

According to Entertainment Weekly , Julia first appeared in the Sesame Street universe in a 2015 digital storybook called " Sesame Street and Autism: See the incredible in All Children". "Parents are very excited about it", says Colleen Allen, President and CEO of the Autism Alliance of MI. And then it turns into a game where they're all jumping like her. (more...)
A Matrix reboot is in the works A Matrix reboot is in the works
- March 20, 2017

The Wachowski Brothers' reality-bending sci-fi classic told the story of a group of resistance fighters trying to free humanity from a digital alternate reality. Lana and Lilly Wachowski originally conceived the storyline for The Matrix as a comic, having both written for Marvel. But again, that's just one of many early possibilities. (more...)
'We actually beat up Justin Trudeau,' Matthew Perry recalls on Kimmel
- March 20, 2017

Perry then joked to Kimmel that "I think he said "I'm gonna rise above this, and I'm gonna become the prime minister", as surely the incident helped shape Trudeau into the freedom-fighting bastion of sanity he is today". "This is awful. I was a stupid kid". Check out the full segment above . "We both beat him up". "The world gets to see what it is to lean on each other and be there for each other through the darkest times ", he said of the show, The New York Times reports . (more...)
This is how much Kim Kardashian earns per sponsored Instagram post
- March 20, 2017

In the star's account to the French police , as reported by People , the robbers entered her hotel room while her bodyguard was out, handcuffed her, and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry. The guy came in and grabbed the phone from me, threw me on the bed, and I was like, "This is it". Reaching out to her fans on Twitter not even an hour ago, Kardashian shared a series of messages describing just what she expects to see tonight on a new ep of Keeping Up With The Kardashians . (more...)
Trump Offered No Apology Over British Intelligence Spy Claims, White House Says
- March 19, 2017

But he did say that the White House had given assurances - to the British ambassador in Washington and the prime minister's national security adviser - that the allegations that GCHQ had spied on Trump won't be repeated. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence weighed in Thursday, finding "no indications" that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance. GCHQ's public denial "was an unusual step by the agency, but it clearly indicates the strength of feeling about this issue, and I ... (more...)
Germany owes 'vast sums' to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Germany owes 'vast sums' to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
- March 19, 2017

However, Ms Merkel did ask if he would like a handshake - an offer Mr Trump appeared to loftily ignore. His latest tweetstorm comes a day after he met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Washington , where the two leaders showed little common ground over a host of thorny issues, including North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and defense spending. (more...)
Rachel Maddow's Response To Being Called 'Sir' Was Absolutely Priceless Rachel Maddow's Response To Being Called 'Sir' Was Absolutely Priceless
- March 18, 2017

When she finally did, we learned that Donald Trump paid about $38 million in taxes on income of almost $150 million. - Gina Marie (@Kompanie) March 15, 2017A little confused as to why we are only seeing the 2005 Trump tax return. Maddow whipped up interest in the story with a tweet 90 minutes before her 9 p.m. EDT show. Journalists were eager to follow in the wake of Rachel Maddow tax fiasco. (more...)
Coats confirmed as new spy chief Coats confirmed as new spy chief
- March 18, 2017

National security advisers aren't subject to Senate confirmation. "Senator Coats has served the United States with great distinction". Trump said in a statement that "the Senate's broad, bipartisan support for General McMaster affirms that he is the right person for this job". (more...)
Mount Etna caused reporter to be pelted by debris Mount Etna caused reporter to be pelted by debris
- March 18, 2017

Boris Behncke, a volcanologist with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, was among those observing the crater when the eruption occurred. One scientist said it's the most unsafe incident he'd ever seen in 30 years of studying volcanoes. Authorities said the four of those hurt had to be hospitalized, mostly for head injuries, but all were expected to recover. (more...)
John Krasinski to star with Emily Blunt in 'A Quiet Place' John Krasinski to star with Emily Blunt in 'A Quiet Place'
- March 17, 2017

In addition to The Hollars , Krasinski previously directed the 2009 David Foster Wallace-inspired Brief Conversations with Hideous Men , as well as three episodes of The Office , the NBC comedy he starred in for almost a decade. The group is also hard at work on the upcoming Amazon series Jack Ryan, which stars Krasinski as the iconic, titular Central Intelligence Agency agent and has Platinum Dunes producing. (more...)
North Korea Nuclear Program: 20 Years of Diplomacy Has Failed, Tillerson Says
- March 17, 2017

His trip comes at a volatile time for the region. He's traveling on a "small plane" with "a modest footprint", says a spokesman. "I think Secretary Tillerson will make the usual representations in Beijing, namely China's unwillingness to rein in North Korea and its South China Sea island-building", says Sean King, senior vice president of NY political consultancy Park Strategies. (more...)
India are under pressure, not Australia, says Nathan Lyon India are under pressure, not Australia, says Nathan Lyon
- March 16, 2017

While more than a week has elapsed since India's victory in Bengaluru , Kohli's suggestion that he saw something similarly inappropriate on two occasions other than the Smith lbw has clearly left Smith concerned. We have seen instances in the past [that have] stretched too long and it just causes disharmony and there is no outcome of it, honestly. "We have two Test matches to play and that's what we need to focus on". (more...)
Gru Has Sibling Envy In The New Despicable Me 3 Trailer Gru Has Sibling Envy In The New Despicable Me 3 Trailer
- March 15, 2017

The movie will have Dru trying to convince Gru to come back to a life of villainy - after all, he's in a family that has committed crimes for several generations. While attention has shifted slightly to Gru and his twin brother, people were quick to point out that the Minions were still awful. The Minions look much more tolerable than they once did. (more...)
NBC to air 'SNL
- March 15, 2017

NBC announced Tuesday that starting August 10, it will air four half-hour episodes of the show's Weekend Update news sketch, hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che with appearances by the rest of the cast. NBC execs gave " Weekend Update " a try during the election by giving Jost and Che their own election special, which seemed to go over well. SNL's ratings have increased 21% over previous year among adults 18-49, and up 26% in total viewers when comparing season 42 to season 41. (more...)