Expect double the earthquakes in 2018, say researchers

Earthqueakes in 2018 Earthqueake predictions Earthqueakes in tropical areas

From a distance, it seems like how a minute change in speed or rotation cause quake but the logic behind that is well observed that a change of millisecond in rotation of earth can cause a large amount of underground energy, explained by both the scientists.

To start, the research team of geologists analyzed every quake to occur since 1900 at a magnitude above 7.0.

During their study, they found out five periods when considerably higher numbers of massive earthquakes were triggered compared to other times. According to their research, periods of increased major earthquakes followed periods of roughly five years where the Earth's rotation speed was recorded as slowing. This is why the research team believes we can expect more earthquakes in 2018, it is the last of a 5-year slowdown in Earth's rotation. But after the fifth year of Earth's "slowdown", the researchers found that the incidence number jumps to an average of 25 to 30.

None of this says that 2018 will definitely be a more geologically unstable year, and it certainly doesn't pinpoint where any possible quaking will occur. Earth's rotation, as with many things, is cyclical, slowing down by a few milliseconds per day then speeding up again.

"Major earthquakes have been well recorded for more than a century and that gives us a good record to study".

Earthqueakes in 2018 Earthqueake predictions Earthqueakes in tropical areas
Cracked road after an earthquake. Image credit Tes Teach

"It is straightforward", said Bilham. They found that almost every 32 years there's an increase in earthquakes across the world. On one hand, there is the first step towards a model of potential natural disaster prediction, at least on a time basis. However, based on the analysis of the past, it seems a tendency to occur in tropical regions near earth's equator, where our planet rotates at a speed of about 460 meters per second.

"We have had it easy this year", said Bilham. But the latest research depicting the correlation between Earth's rotation and the seismic activity is a very interesting and welcoming one, and this could help in the prediction of future earthquakes as well as the areas they are going to hit.

When a day's length changes over decades, there can be a slight adjustment in the planet's magnetic field and both of these fluctuations may be due to the flow of molten metal inside the surface of the Earth, the Science Magazine explained. They say these devastating events will be produced by the variation in the speed of Earth's rotation.

They further suggested that these slight changes in the Earth's core may be responsible for this effect.

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