Bran = Night King is the wildest 'Game of Thrones' theory yet

Politics, loyalty and betrayal are all fair game when it comes to gaining, and maintaining control, of the throne.

It should. It's the same place the Hound envisions in the fire through the "Lord of Light"; the same "mountain shaped like an arrowhead" where the Children of the Forest created the Night King on the weirwood tree with a dragonglass dagger; the same spot where Jon Snow and his Suicide Squad eventually ended up surrounded by the WW army during the final act of "Beyond the Wall".

Now, if you remember the Tower of Joy flashback in Season 6, episode 3, it seems pretty clear that Bran has the power to influence the past as well as watch it. We are going off the idea that the first White Walker is the Night King (until the series tells us differently). Now, it's just a matter of whether or not the Seven Kingdoms are up to the task.

Other evidence, in both the books and show, point to the fact that the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, became mad after Bran attempted to warn him about the White Walkers.

I'd guess this aspect of their mission was planned and discussed, but the scene was either cut or never filmed. or the writers just assumed we'd put it together ourselves.

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In a nutshell, according to these theories, Bran keeps travelling back and forth in time in a bid to fix things, and destroy the White Walkers once for all. This detail has huge implications for the story. So, there's a chance it could kill the Night King as well. After the broadcast of "Beyond the Wall" on HBO and OCS, a question arose as to the real threat that the Night King represents. What if everything that has ever happened in Westeros is Bran's fault?

But the most important piece in the puzzle is when Bran has the vision of when the Night King was Born, as explained by YouTuber Game of Theories a few months ago.

A theory with huge fan-support claims that Bran's greenseeing causes him to become trapped inside the Night King, essentially creating the villain that is now marching south. Bran's powers have been developing throughout the show, having connected past and present versions of Hodor in a closed time-loop, forcing the gentle giant to "hold the door" and even forcing poor Hodor to kill Locke outside of Craster's Keep in Season 4.

And now? The same spot where the Night King resurrected Viserion. And from there, they made a series of miraculous escapes from what should have been certain death. These skills of his allow him to make a difference to the past, and the tragic life of Wylis/Hodor is a proof of that. It was all a trap, planned well in advance.

Still not convinced? Well, this guy wrote a Medium post on "Why Bran Stark Is not the Night King". But if Jon and his men can't take down the night King in this way, they can still use their newfound knowledge to chip away slowly at the rest of the White Walker army. Now that we know the Night King has a limitless Home Depot credit card, maybe the giant chains he got there to pull Viserion from the lake can be used to go over the Wall. That got the Night King's attention. That "branding" nullified the special charms keeping them out, but was it more than a one-time deal?



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